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Jennifer Blanchard


“Go big or go home!”

With over 15 years of accounting experience in finance and architecture field, she oversees all aspects of the accounting needs for EV&A.  Jennifer has been with EV&A Architects since conception and her tasks include; budget evaluation, report maintenance, and financials.  


By analyzing revenues, costs, financial liabilities, and assets, Jennifer is able to create a forecast of future cash flows.  Financial reports such as balance sheets, profit/loss statements must be maintained and reported to executive management.  The majority of time is spent completing or analyzing paperwork, but communication among departments is also necessary.  This would include being a liaison to our vendors on projects, and the employees for, HR, 401K, and Benefits.  


With project accountability, Jennifer calculates, inputs and verifies data on a regular basis to maintain the status of contracts, accounts payable and receivables.  This information she will then generate the monthly gross and net billings and oversees all of these basic functions in addition to maintaining all financial records.