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EV&A was founded in Las Vegas to provide a wide range of architectural, planning and interior design services to the Hospitality, Commercial and Healthcare markets.  The firm’s work has been recognized for design excellence and is the result of the personal involvement of the design principals with each client throughout the entire design process and into construction.


A total commitment to the overall project is the hallmark of the firm. This goes beyond the specific design to a technical approach and a creative search, embracing all facets of the design process. The design teams at EV&A act as a catalyst to develop the resources and alliances required to accomplish their client’s goals and objectives. This means bringing together critical specialists, as required, to coordinate complex project teams of professionals, contractors and consultants.


This website offers a brief overview of the quality and diversity of projects created by the professionals at EV&A.  Our mission, “To be our clients’ trusted advisor,” is supported by state-of-the-art technology and is backed by a reputation of leadership, dependability and performance.

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